Meet the Band

Ramon Vallejo

Vocals, Keys

Ramon's start with "music" was at about 10 years old, when he'd try to make sound effects to match what was happening on Star Trek using the family Wurlitzer organ. His mother thought some of it sounded OK and started him up with lessons with her cousin Dorothy, then later continuing with the late Myron McTavish for classical lessons. Classical training continued at Chico State under Dr. David Rothe. Ramon returned home and trashed any refined musical abilities for pop music. His vocals have been compared to that of a bird; not sure what kind. All that aside, he enjoys RUN FOR COVER for some great musicianship & vocal harmonies, and as the first real band with his wife Cheryl! Rock ON!

Cheryl Vallejo

Vocals, Percussion

Born and raised on Long Island, NY, Cheryl grew up singing along to Broadway musicals, Barbra Streisand, and Donny Osmond at home. She began performing in choirs and various musical theater productions back in elementary school, fronting her first rock band at 14, and continuing through college. Cheryl took some time off from performing to teach school and raise 3 (musical) children. She has also worked as a vocal and performance coach for local music schools Samz School of Rock and iJam Music School, Inc. Finally returning to the stage herself, Cheryl is thrilled to be working with the seasoned, talented men in Run For Cover.

Andrew Parker

Vocals, Guitar

The youngster of the group, Andrew hasn't been around as long as most of the music he plays. That's nothing new for him, though—he spent his high school years learning blues and jazz along with classic rock. By the age of 17, he had toured Japan twice playing upright bass with the Monterey Jazz Festival's student all-star band, and recorded an album of blues and R&B classics on guitar with the Monterey Bay Blues Festival's student honor band. He stayed active in music during college at Cal Poly SLO where he participated in choirs, jazz bands and concert bands, and led the marching band as drum major for three years. Andrew now plays with several groups out of the Monterey/Salinas area and occasionally produces original music in his home studio. He also created this website!

Pete Rose

Vocals, Bass

Pete grew up in a musical family and has performed on stage from the age of 10 (long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away...called "Ohio") Between then and now, he has played extensively throughout the US and Canada. He was top graduate of the Armed Forces School of Music, and was in the inaugural jazz studies program at San Diego State University where he majored on electric bass, becoming one of the first to be allowed to do so. He has maintained a busy career from backing up artists such as The Drifters, Bowser (of Sha Na Na) Broadway star Chita Rivera, former and current members of Tower of Power, and country singer Daron Norwood, to playing at the Monterey Blues and Monterey Jazz festivals. Living in Sacramento, CA for the past 15 years, Pete has continued to play clubs and concerts from Monterey, to the Bay Area, and to Lake Tahoe. He loves the diversity of music he gets to play and hopes to someday see the Cleveland Indians win the World Series.

Tom Blazek

Vocals, Drums

From humble beginnings, (playing along to the first Beatles album at age 5), Tom has covered all styles of music, "from Abba to Zappa". Raised on the east coast (near Washington, D.C. and later NYC), he cut his teeth with some inspiring musicians such as Charlie Byrd in DC and learned a variety of styles at an early age. His father was a big influence as he played big band, jazz and swing and encouraged Tom to learn many forms of music.

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